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Kali, Soryn, & Dave at the Las Flores Community Garden, Thousand Oaks

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Organic Kid Power

Organic Kid Power

“Organic Kid Power” is a children’s television series about, three 12 year olds at a kids’ area in a Community Garden.  Sonny, Chef Junior Gardener and photographer, Lily, who has an invisible friend that tells her what to plant, and Tom, who studies soil under a microscope, are best friends since kindergarten. The Community Garden has 125 adult plots and 34 smaller kids’ plots with organic fruit, herb, and veggie gardens in pots and raised garden beds, compost bins, and a pergola where they hold large feasts.  A chef, who grows a whole plot of herbs, offers to help the kids learn to cook what they are growing in their plots at his restaurant. Learning to cook is a life changing experience for the kids, as they begin to understand how they are connected to what is alive on the planet. A lawyer in the Community Garden doesn’t like children and is emailing everyone to have the Children’s Area turned into more plots for adults.  A retired teacher is helping them plant a butterfly garden with benches in the shade for kids to recharge and experience the sounds, smells, and textures of nature. A baker is assisting in a fundraiser to build a pizza oven in their arts and crafts section. The kids want to sell dried herbs, baked goods, handmade plant signs, and starter plants to raise funds for their pizza oven. The lawyer says he will sue them if they dare to bring in a pizza oven. Eccentric characters and down home charm make this show a winner.

Healthy Kid Cafe

Healthy Kid Café is a children’s television series, about two kids, Stella, 3, and Dylan 4, whose parents own a farm to table café. Everyone that works at the cafe is a relative, so Stella and Dylan have lots of cousins to play with in the café playground. The café is locally sourced by large organic garden behind the cafe offering yummy nutritious meals that kids love. Grandma lives next door and tells the kids stories of Mother Earth and her Elves, Blossom, Bubble, Flame, Breezy, and Lifetron, and their adventures keeping the garden and kitchen free of Bacteria, Mold, Pathogen, Pesticide, and Preservative. With kid friendly décor, the family run Healthy Kid Café is committed to serving healthy food that appeals to the general public.

Healthy Kid Cafe brings life from the garden to the table and creates a joyful relationship with nature and with dishes from around the world with Mother Earth and her elves. The kids discover how many different colors of green they can find in the garden, what the different herbs smell like, the songs of the different birds and the taste of a fresh from the vine blueberry. Let’s go to the enchanted garden.