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Kali, Soryn, & Dave at the Las Flores Community Garden, Thousand Oaks

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I purchase a copy of "Cooking Magic for Kids"?

The book is still being written. Please follow my blog as I go through the publishing process.

  • When is the time to plant a garden?

Spring is the time of year to plant after the last frost. However, using a greenhouse, tunnels, a cold frame, a portable cloche, or your kitchen window sill can make anytime the time to plant.

  • What is a healthy diet?

 A healthy diet starts with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, add whole grains and some omega 3 fats and a protein. Eat the rainbow! Eating brightly colored fruits and veggies blends the spectrum of photochemicals and antioxidants and is the secret for all around health.