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Kali, Soryn, & Dave at the Las Flores Community Garden, Thousand Oaks

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Diana Lovejoy

Inspired by her grandchildren, in 2012, Diana Lovejoy wrote “Cooking Magic for Kids”, a Kitchen Garden Manual for schools, community, and urban gardens, where the magic is cooking from  an organic veggie garden.


Earth Day, 2013 was the beginning of blogging health tips, recipes, and gardening tips for kids three times a week at (Word Press)  Twitter feeds are posted on the website daily giving tips and inspriation. Pictures and tips are posted daily on (Facebook). Diana Lovejoy’s life long quest for healthy living started at the Hollywood Health Food Store, where she met famous movie muscle men, "nature boys", Indian gurus, and health product experts.


Growing a large backyard garden, she discovered the joys of gardening at a young age. A vegetarian since a teen, she studied nutrition, yoga, and meditation. Being born in Hawaii and traveling in Europe and Turkey on Occidental College History Study Tour after graduation excited her to experiment in foods of many cultures. In Diana Lovejoy‘s life long quest for healthy living, she took graduate classes, seminars, master classes, and workshops at colleges and universities. Owning a health food store, it was a natural progression to search for organic labels on products.


She raised three sons who are great vegetarian cooks for their families. Her passion is to uplift, enlighten, and entertain, making the world a healthier place by inspiring kids to grow an organic backyard garden and learn to cook.  

Organic Container Gardening for All: From Kids to Seniors, Anyone can grow Herbs and Veggies in Containers

 Diana Lovejoy’s new book was written to encourage urban dwellers to create a beautiful garden that restores the gardeners mentally, physically, and emotionally; that puts food on the table, improves their health and environment, and boosts morale by growing an organic garden where they live. This enlightening how-to book will help anyone create an abundant, cost effective organic snack bowl of veggies and herbs on a small patio, balcony, or community garden.

Organic Garden Club of Ventura County

As the President of this club, Diana Lovejoy is honored to promote organic gardening practices through education and community outreach, to grow plants in a non- toxic, chemically-free manner using natural predators and organic non-toxic sprays to control pests, earthworms to aerate the soil, and compost to enrich the soil to produce the freshest, best tasting, bursting with life fruits, herbs, flowers, and veggies.

Las Flores Community Garden

Everyday is another exciting adventure in the garden!  As a member of the Kids Garden with a 10 x 20 foot plot, Diana Lovejoy works in the Kids Educational Garden, the Butterfly Habitat, the Orchard, and teaches classes for kids. As the Garden Photographer, she records the events, activities, harvests of the gardeners.

Kid Chef Gardeners can Save the Planet

Kid Chef Gardeners can save the planet by growing an organic garden and learning to cook. A powerful process happens when a child plants a carrot, watches green shoots appear, and then eats that carrot. Kids eat healthier as they want to eat what they grow and will try new foods. When friends and family enjoy the food they have grown and prepared themselves, kids feel a sense of pride and responsibility. Organic gardening uplifts the spirit, renews the mind, gladdens the heart, and recharges the body, dissolving stress and tension.  Kids learn life skills and healthy eating habits.  Kids bloom in the fresh garden air delighted to make delicious meals with their produce. 

Kids can turn cities into gardens with organic patio, deck, roof, and backyard gardens, school gardens, and community gardens. One fruit tree provides enough oxygen for a child for a year. Organic gardening improves the soil, air, and water. By replacing processed food with super food from the garden, kids can turn the tide on the alarming rise in childhood diabetes, obesity, and life threatening food allergies. Scientific studies reveal that the rising levels of chemical additives in food processing, pesticides, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and GMO’s in the American diet are the cause of this health crisis.  Parents can save money on food and doctor bills by growing a garden and shopping at their Farmer’s Market. Local economy and wellbeing improves when local farms supply organic food for schools, restaurants, and hospitals.

Kids can save the planet by joining 31% of all US households growing food gardens. Organic gardens pull carbon dioxide out of the air and put back oxygen, filtering air pollutants and recharging groundwater. Kids learn where their food comes from and get great exercise doing fun garden projects. The freshest, healthiest, and tastiest food is grown in the organic kitchen garden. Kids love indulging in the luscious taste of just picked ripe produce that they have grown. And rainbows of veggies are powerful boosts of energy. Every academic subject can be taught with illustrations from nature.  Kids can learn their connection to the intricate web of life and get excited watching the fruits and veggies grow.  Kid Chef Gardeners can put food on the table, improve their health, improve their environment and boost morale by growing an organic garden and cooking from scratch.


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"I'd like to buy Cooking Magic for Kids for all the children on my Christmas list!" Dr. Patrick Huston, D.D.S.


Thousand Oaks Acorn, 6/26/2014, Inch by Inch, Row by Row  http://www.toacorn.com/news/2014-06-26/Community/Inch_by_inch_row_by_row.html

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